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Sumera Saleem

How to Contact:          sumerasaleem100@gmail.com , sumerasaleem@starwelfare.org

Summary of Professional history

Worked with Aurat Foundation (Balochistan and Punjab) on different senior positions to prove myself with enthusiastic leadership abilities throughout my entire. Utilizing my skills, I have worked with different stake holders such academia, NGOs, politicians, media and CBOS and Chamber of Commerce.

Conducted various trainings, surveys and researches.

Attended different trainings and conferences to improve my own professional capacity at national and international level.

I intend to flourish my career in a dynamic organization that offers excellent progressive opportunities where I can utilize my skills at the highest competitive level.

As a Grant holder and execution, I managed and Coordinated many Projects i.e. Women Friendly Communication Hubs in which Home-Based Women Workers showcasing their work, developing their brands, I also Facilitated to build relationships and improving their income generation abilities and marketing skills.

As a trainer,

Conducted different sessions i.e. Political education, Electoral process, Time management, Strategic thinking, Communication skills, Networking and marketing skill etc in Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh.

Managed different sub-grants/projects of approximately Rs.100 million

Skill Highlights

Project Management                     Trainer/facilitator

Coordination                                      Communication

Motivational speaker     Event management

Computer skills                 Gender & Development

Community Development              Research/ monitoring


  • 3 Experience as freelance consultancies with CTC, IDEAS and UN women as a researcher and trainer.
  • 7 Years’ experience of project management, grant holding, reporting, trainings, monitoring, reviewing and proposal writing.
  • 2 Year experience of Freelance Consultancies. Planning, designing and development of educational manuals and training material on a variety of socio-political and economic thematic areas for different organizations and Youth groups.
  • 12 Years’ experience of management and administration of three major programs of Aurat Foundation in Balochistan.
  • 3 Years’ experience of establishment of Aurat Foundation’s Office, Mobilization and Networking in Balochistan.


Masters in Social Work from University of Balochistan

Bachelors of Arts in Social Work/Psychology from University of Balochistan

Higher Secondary of Arts from Quetta, Balochistan.

Freelance Consultancies

  • May 2019: As a supervisor/ Coordinator for household survey in Hayderabad (Civil society Human and Institutional Development Program (CHIP)
  • December 2018 to May 2019: Training Needs Assessment and Capacity Assessment of Chief Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees (CCAR) and it’s Provincial Commissionerate (CARs) Balochistan and Sindh, of GIZ undertaken by CHIP Training & Consulting for IBF, as Training Need Assessment Expert.
  • January 2018 to February 2018: Field researcher (Focus Group Discussions on electoral process )- Institute of development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS)
  • April 2018 to July 2018: As Freelance Consultancies: Provincial Coordinator Balochistan for Monitoring Services for Strengthening Electoral and Legislative Processes (SELP) GE-2018 – (Chip Training & Consultancy firm CTC)
  • May 2017 to December 2017; Associate Lead Researcher-UN Women Project on ‘women safety audit in public transport in Lahore.
  • Organized a three-day consultative workshop in Lahore on ‘Gender Mainstreaming in Education sector’ for Gender in Education Policy Support Program (GEPSP) Balochistan in May 2009 as Lead Facilitator and Event Manager
  • Conducted TOTs in Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab as a lead trainer with CHIP and EPI Ministry of health on ‘Effective execution of Polio eradication initiative in Pakistan’ from July to August 2010
  • Conducted TOT for Master Trainers of Census team on ‘Gender Sensitive Census
  • Conducted a three-day training for the members of livelihood councils of AMAN Pakistan on ‘Organizational development and proposal writing’ from 14th-16th February 2009 in Islamabad.
  • Conducted two-day training on ‘Presentation skills’ for AMAN Pakistan staff members on 21st-23rd January 2009 in Islamabad.
  • Edited ‘Urdu case study book’ for AMAN Pakistan in the month of March 2009
  • Conducted survey in Sewerage and Sanitation Project for Socio-Economic Condition from 7th to 27th July 1992.
  • Fifteen days’ survey was done for Water supply, 23rd November to 7th December 1994.
  • Survey on food technology research was done in Urak, Sara-Gurki, SahidzadakuchlakPishin in 1994


Training Need Assessment (TNA)

  • Conducted versatility of assessments in terms of Organizational, Occupational and Individual assessments for scrutinizing the gaps in the tactical portfolio, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of the concerned, in order to help redirect the resources at the areas of greater demand for better productivity in assimilation with the desirable goals.
  • Conducted a TNA for capacity building of Women Councilors for their effective representation in Balochistan.
  • Conducted TNAs for various organizations in Balochistan for their capacity building on Child Labour, Project proposal writing, Report writing etc.

Conducted a TNA for sub-grantees capacity building under Gender Equity Program Aurat Foundation

Developed Material:

I was part of the team in planning, designing and development of educational manuals and training material on a variety of socio-political and economic thematic areas for different organizations and Youth groups. I focused on Innovation and edge cutting utility of technology at the heart of providing effective and quality orientation for capacity building of multidimensional masses.

Developed training material for different organizations on Organizational Development, Financial Management, and Conflict Management & Team building strategies, Peace building strategies, Gender mainstreaming, Time Management, Advocacy and Lobbying, Child abuse, Child Labour, Project Proposal Writing, Capacity Building of women of political parties, Capacity building of Women Councilors, Report Writing and Motivational tools.


Involved actively as a trainer and facilitator on various subjects:

  • Conducted Trainings for different organizations of Baluchistan (2005 to 2008) on Child abuse, Child Labour, Project Proposal Writing, Capacity Building of women of political parties, Capacity building of Women Councilors and Report Writing.
  • Conducted workshops on Motivational Tools, Gender Mainstreaming, Peace Building Strategies, State Citizen Leadership, Communications Skills, Youth Inclusion in Democracy, Conflict Transformation, Advocacy and Lobbying strategies and Livelihood Development ILO conventions C190and C100 and Women entrepreneurial

National Level Trainings/workshops/ Seminars

  • Attended two-day work shop on ‘Result Based Management’ at Lahore conducted by CIDA and Aurat Foundation
  • Attended two days’ Provincial consultation towards ‘Developing a support Network for Women Councilors’ at Lahore by Aurat Foundation on 11-12th August 2003.
  • Attended training workshop on ‘Development of project performance Framework and project implementation plan’ Conducted by Aurat Foundation at Lahore on 21st to 23rd October 2002.
  • Attended two days Women Councilors training workshop in Lahore conducted by Aurat Foundation Lahore Office on 8-9th June 2002
  • Attended Training Workshop on ‘Participatory Development Approaches in the Context of Mainstream Development in Pakistan’ Conducted by Aurat Foundation from 3rd December to 7th December 1994 in Lahore.
  • Attended Training Workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ conducted by Aurat Foundation from 28th December to 1st
  • Attended six days in House training in Lahore Conducted by Aurat Foundation in January 1994.
  • Attended two-day workshop on ‘Women and Education’ conducted by Ministry of Women Development from 9th to 10th November 1994.
  • Attended five-day Workshop on ‘Financial Management/ Budget Preparation’ by Aurat Foundation from April 16th to 20th
  • Attended training on ‘Participatory Tools in Community Development’ conducted Human resource development section of BRSP from 10th to 20th April 1993 in Harnai
  • Attended training workshop on ‘Participatory Approaches to Community development’ Conducted by Rural Water and Environmental Sanitation Program (UNICEF / LG) from 15th may to 20th may 1993 in Kharan.
  • Attended five workshops on Communication, Motivational and Assertive skills
  • Time management, Needs Assessment, Tools of monitoring and Evaluation,
  • Techniques of Visualization, Presentation and Didactics, organized by Institute of Social Sciences from 12th June to 24th June 1993
  • Attended Training Workshop on ‘Solid Waste Management with Community Participation’ conducted by UNCEF in Collaboration with QMC from 8th November to 13th November 1993.
  • Attended Workshop on ‘Safe Handling of Household Chemicals and Pesticides’ Conducted by Ministry of Environment Urban Affairs Forestry and Wild Life.

International Trainings

Attended 15-day training program on Gender-Based Violence at Kenya, Nairobi on May 12th-26th, 2012.  The training opportunity was provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Key Achievements

Recieved Shields and awards from differnt Organizations and instituationsfor best grant holder.

Employment Detail

September 2019:

 Project Manager (HANDS Karachi H.O)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepared session plan and Conducted trainings of different community members, Mobilizers and youth leaders
  • Manage Project team consisting of Male, Female Mobilizers, Information Management, Monitoring, Senior engineer, field engineer etc
  • Prepare monthly plan, budget and reports
  • Build and maintain close coordination with donor and stake holders

January 2011 to October 2017:       


 SeniorProgram Officer – Capacity Building (Regional Grant

Holder and execution) in Gender Equity Program Aurat Foundation

Punjab Office.

                    Key responsibilities:

  • Program development and implementation, human resource, staff development and liaison with stakeholders
  • Grant holding that included programmatic, operational and financial reports review, monitoring and hand holding on day to day operations and visited sites of projects.
  • Conducted training need assessment of partner organizations and project staff
  • Prepared and reviewed training manuals i.e. gender, women empowerment and women rights, pro – women laws and livelihood skills.
  • Designed and developed pre and post evaluation forms for capacity building interventions.
  • Planed and organized capacity building workshops for partner organizations, project staff and prepare reports accordingly
  • Provided project management support to Head offices and partner organizations in developing implementation plans and project documentation
  • Maintained close coordination with H.O capacity building team in context for planned capacity building activities for partner organizations
  • Supported civil society partners and enhanced their implementation capacity through supervision and capacity building initiatives
  • As an Entrepreneurial Development trainer, conducted different training sessions i.e. Time management, Strategic thinking, Communication skills, Networking and marketing skill.
  • Supported and provided technical input in development of partners’ IEC material
  • Wrote concept notes when required
  • Managed different sub-grants/projects of approximately Rs.100 million
  • Ensure the completion and submission of all narrative and financial reports

2005 to 2008:                           

Provincial Coordinator, Aurat Foundation Quetta

                                                                                                    Key responsibilities:


  • Supervised management and administration of three major programs of Aurat Foundation in Balochistan.
  • Coordination with HO over administrative, programmatic, and financial queries along with usual reporting protocols.
  • Supervise implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Quality assurance of the programs in sync with the project objectives.
  • Capacity building of Women councilors to enhance women’s inclusion in the democratic political process.
  • Supervise overall reporting protocols and publication of Best Practices of Women councilors.
  • Advocating social issues and lobbying with government officials for the enhancement of Human Rights protection and fulfillment.
  • Active as a lead trainer in Training Need Assessment, Material designing, Methodology and Delivery of different trainings at Aurat along with Evaluation.
  • Conducted training sessions for different communities of Balochistan and Punjab on Political education and electoral process.
  • To represent the organization in Seminars and Cluster Meetings.

1998 to 2005       :        

Program Officer, Aurat Foundation Quetta –

                                                                                                                     Key responsibilities:


  • Responsible to enhance institutional framework for effective representation of Women councilors in the political process
  • Establish District Resource Centers
  • To select districts of Balochistan for networking with women Councilors and monitoring of District Resource Centers
  • Organizing Seminars and trainings for Women Councilor on Local Government and different informative issues
  • Editorial contribution to Roshan Pakistan Newsletter
  • Improvising Monitoring tools and key performance indicators for evaluation of programmatic achievements
  • Reporting and documentation of the progress


                                                                                                              1994 to 1997:     

                                                                                                              Program Officer & Program Officer, Aurat Foundation Quetta


  • Established Aurat Foundation’s Quetta Office
  • Established Information Networking Centers (INC)
  • Information Dissemination on various themes regarding Women empowerment


  • Core group Member of Aurat Foundation Pakistan and part of Management at Quetta and Lahore offices
  • Member of Gender Equity Program (USAID) Alumni
  • Member of Social Solution a Private Consulting firm Balochistan