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Star Vocational Training Center (SVTC)


Main purpose of Star Vocational Training Institute is to create an enabling environment for the rehabilitation of ultra-poor, needy children, youth and GBV families. Its aimed is to improve income generation opportunities by enabling skills development, enhancement of basic business and financial skills, women entrepreneurial development and employability through promotion of a competitive skills training market.


v  Motivating and guiding women, people with disability, afghan refugees and youth to be the new generation entrepreneurs and economic empowerment to shape themselves and to be productive units of the country.


SVTI well designed to facilitate economic rehabilitation and empowerment of Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors, children, beggars and blinds seeking shelter in star welfare organization. The economic rehabilitation and capacity building program run under SWO will take into account the long term needs of these women and equip them the required skills sets to reintegrate into society in a successful manner and become economically self-sufficient


The institute is providing free education, skill trainings on stitching (tailoring), cooking, cosmetics, beautician, bayco-lights trainings and different computer courses. The financial support also provides to students for higher education.


The organization has network with institutions that provide micro credit services and link a minimum 50 women with these for initiation of entrepreneurial activity in a year.

In order to integrate the target group into the formal employment sector, the organization has created linkages with relevant stakeholders such as chambers of commerce and industries employment and exchange commissions, and established job placement agencies. It is anticipated that a minimum of 60 women gain an internship or work placement by the end of the equipped with required skills of knowledge.