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SWO is working as close coordination and interaction with UNHCR at district Sargodha. SWO intended to co-operate in providing safe accommodation and rehabilitation services to UNHCR referred vulnerable refugee women and children in Pakistan. SWO has been providing rehabilitation services that include counseling, legal support and vocational training for referred case by UNHCR. Sta SWO has established a stitching skill development unit for afghan refugees at Sargodha. We have professional trainers for skill trainings on stitching (tailoring), cooking, cosmetics, beautician, entrepreneurship, bayco-lights trainings and different computer courses. JGJ IV) Star TV :Another first for a welfare organization SWO has initiated a dedicated television channel to bring to light human rights abuse and to educate the public on their fundamental rights. The channel airs interviews of girls and women who have refuge at our shelter home so that their voices can reach the concerned authority.

Beauty Parlour

Client Name
: starwelfare
: Women Empowering
Start Date
: Jun 30, 2020
End Date
: Mar 01, 2022
: Completed