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Hammad’s family is running from pillar to post for his safe recovery they have approached every authority and avenue available for redressal but to no avail.

A mother calls for help in seeking safe recovery of her missing son Star Welfare organisation has been very vocal against human rights abuse be it at individual or institutional level, we have been playing our role as leading civil society in amplifying the voices of oppressed and downtrodden. Recently, SWO received an application from a mother whose son has one missing for the past several days, till date the whereabouts of the young man are unknown. Case Details As per the details received Syed Hammad Ali Raza resident of Chak number 3 District North Sargodha. Hammad lives in Sargodha while his mother resides in Lahore. A day before the incident Hammad was visiting his mother. On 22 September 2021 Hammad was on his way to BherafromLahore as he was invited over by his friends. Unfortunately, Hammad cell phone was found to be switched off soon after reaching Bhera, upon investigation his last location was found to be near Bhera. An FIR was immediately lodged with the Bhera police by the family, the police has so far apprehended two friends of Hammad namely Shouki and Shani Awan however no lead was found on the whereabouts or fate of Hammad. Hammad’s inconsolable mother has told SWO that the family has a long-standing property dispute amongst their extended family members she fears that this may be the motive behind her son’s abduction. Hammad’s family is running from pillar to post for his safe recovery they have approached every authority and avenue available for redressal but to no avail. The police have so far not been able to find any clues on the case. Action Urged SWO urges the authority particularly the federal Minister for Human Right Ms Shireen Mazari to take notice of the disappearance. Additionally, we request Mr.UsmanBuzdar Chief Minister Punjab to order investigation at the highest level to expedite the process and ensure the safe recovery of the young man who has gone missing for the past one month. PLEASE SEND YOUR LETTERS TO: 1. Mr. Dr. Arif Alvi President of Pakistan President's Secretariat Islamabad PAKISTAN Fax: +92 51 9204530 Email: dg_coord2@president.gov.pk 2. Mr.Imran Khan Prime Minister Prime Minister House Islamabad,PAKISTAN Fax: +92 51 92039325 E-mail: info@pmo.gov.pk

3. Supreme Court of  Pakistan.

Address: Constitution Avenue, G-5/2 Islamabad, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 5192 20 581-600 Email: mail@supremecourt.gov.pk 4. Mr. Sheikh Rasheed Federal Minister for Interior R Block, Pak Secretariat Islamabad PAKISTAN Fax: interior.complaintcell@gmail.com Email:  interior.complaintcell@gmail.com

5. Mr. Sardar Usman Buzdar Chief Minister Governor House Mall Road Lahore, Punjab PAKISTAN Fax: 042-99203228, 042-99203229 Email: info@cmpunjab.gov.pk  , cmcomplaintcell@cmpunjab.gov.pk

6. Dr. Shireen M Mazari ,

Minister for Human Rights

Contact # 0324-5193648

Address# Mazari Form, Bangalow iccha, Kacha Mianwali No. 2, Rajanpur. Thank you

President Star Welfare Organization Senior Jounerlist or Senior Cable Opreator Mohammad Shafique Doger. Ph #:  92321-6001323 info@starwelfare.org +92-48-3700160 09:00 AM   to 04:00 Pm www.starwelfare.org street 2 nai abadi kotfreed Sargodha pakistan Any organization wishing to join our cause can join us by clicking here  Those willing to donate may click here Kidmatgar Baba Shafique Dogar President Star Welfare Organisation President Hawa Shelter home Mobile No :0300-9607123 (دعاگو:  خدمت گار بابا محمد شفیق ڈوگر،میڈم رفعت رانی ) اپنے کاروبارکا اشتہار بنوانےاور چلوانے کے لئےکیبل،اخبارات،ویب سائٹ اور سوشل میڈیا اور ویب سا ئٹ بنوانے کے لئے رابطہ کریںاپنی خبریں اس میل میں بھجوائے اور میل،فی میل نمائند گان بھی رابطہ کریں مکان،دوکان،،پلاٹ زرعی رقبہ،ہاسٹل رینٹ و خریدوفروخت نیا فرنیچر و پرانا و گھریلوسامان کی فروخت کامرکزسٹار میرج بیورو ہمارے پاس یتیم،بےسہارا خواتین کے علاوہ تمام برادریوں کے رشتے کرواے جاتے ہیے news@starwelfare.org www.starwelfare.org   اب خریداری ہوئی آسان موبائل پر صرف ایک کلک اور اپکی منتخب کردہ اشیاء آپکی دلیز پر تو دیر کس بات کی آئیں www.aaween.com سے خریدیں جہاں ملے آپکی ضروریات زندگی و روزمرہ کی اشیاء خوردونوش کی خریداری مارکیٹ سے کم پرائس سے اب آپ بنائیں اپنی زندگی آسان وہ بھی صرف ایک بار کی ممبرشپ سے اب آپکو مہنگی دوکانیں خریدنے کی ضرورت نہیں آئیں www.aaween.com پر اپنا اکاؤنٹ بنائیں اور اپکی پراڈکٹ کی فروخت شروع 03216001323

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