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April 07, 2024 - BY Admin

Urgent Appeal to Locate Missing 20-Year-Old

Subject: Urgent Appeal to Locate Missing 20-Year-Old


Introduction of SWO

Star Welfare Organization (Punjab) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization came into existence on Feb 04, 2006 & voluntary Registered under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance1961DOSO (SGD) 2006-66 on 4 feb 2006. at district level Sargodha. Since 2011 SWO has expanded its services in the entire length and breadth of Punjab.

                     The organization is concerned promotion of a culture of peace with matters relating to gender based violence and discrimination; women rights and development; child rights, eunuchs’ rights, beggars ‘rehabilitation, disable persons, women’s shelters, police torture and missing persons. This organization strongly committed towards women human rights, women sustainable social, economic development and consistent just ice within society. 



We are reaching out to you with an urgent appeal to help us find a missing 20-year-old individual, Mohammad Farhan s/o Hafiz Mohammad Feroze. He was last seen from Zafar Colony Sargodha.


Case Detail


Mohammad Farhan son of Hafiz Mohammad Feroze from Zafar Colony Sargodha aged 20 years search is on.

Often times he leaves home and returns home after few days now he has been away from home for almost 3 months and has not returned yet.

                          IG Punjab, RPO Sargodha, DPO Sargodha, issue special orders to search for my son, appeal of a widowed mother.

A widow of Shahzadan has appealed to the Star Welfare Organization that my son Muhammad Farhan son of Hafiz Muhammad Firoz, Khokhar Saknah, Zafar Colony, Sargodha, aged 20 years, whose mental balance has not been right for about 6 months, who often leaves the house. He leaves and returns home after a few days. He has been away from home for about 3 months now, waiting for him to return but has not yet returned. Asked but could not find any clue. The  Police Station Urban Area they registered my complaint dated 6-9-2021. My son did not return home.

                                                  The police never called me to the police station or told me anything about my son after that. My son is still missing. I have other children, I am a widow, there is no money for food in the month of Ramadan, even a daughter is not mentally balanced, I cannot keep her with me, her name is Aqsa, please give her a shelter in your institution. Treat me and give me monthly ration assistance. I am also sick. I have neither clothes nor anything to eat.' The monthly rent is also to be paid, the house rent is 7 thousand rupees. My son was my support. My son should be found and given. The police say that we are your helpers, so why don't you help me? I also appeal to IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar and RPO Sargodha. I also appeal to DPO Sargodha to be my voice and find my son. I am very compelled. I also appeal to philanthropists to help me. Someone told me about your organization and I have come to you.

                       My daughter should be treated and she should be given a shelter and my son should be given shelter. should be found and given to me' my voice should be conveyed to the higher authorities. You will be blessed. Allah will be pleased with you. Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar has said that the support of the widow is a young child, "Mother is beautiful" I appeal to the Chief Minister Punjab, IG Punjab, RPO Sargodha, DPO Sargodha and SHO Police Station Urban Area. That her son should be found, it is your duty and the duty of the state to be the voice of a widow to find her son. They are very worried and financial assistance should also be given to them. I also appeal to philanthropists to help him. A widow is worried, whose young son is lost or missing, only he knows the situation, but we can help him. Even her FIR has not been registered yet, her FIR should also be registered immediately and she should call the police station and help her find her child.


Thank you for your support and solidarity in this challenging time.



M Shafique



This Letter Sent to


 1 : Chief Minister of Punjab

Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Phone No-  042-99211082

Email : finance.secretary@punjab.gov.pk


2. DPO Sargodha

Phone: 048-9230333-222
Fax: 048-9230334
E-mail: dpo.sgd@punjabpolice.gov.pk
SDPOs and Police Stations Directory


RPO Sargodha Afzaal Ahmed Kauser,

 Phone No:   048-9230113-14

Fax No:       048-9230115

EMail:    rposargodha@punjabpolice.gov.pk


4 Personal Staff Officer to the IGP   

Phone: 042-99213026-7
Fax: 042-99210398
E-mail: psoigp.cpo@punjabpolice.gov.pk


5 . DIG, Headquarters

Phone: 042-99210067
Fax: 042-99210058
E-mail: dighqrs.cpo@punjabpolice.gov.pk


6. Commissioner Office, Sargodha Division

Address :Commissioner Office Complex, Katchehry Road, Sargodha

 Phone : 048-9230721-22

Fax:         048-9230720


7.Deputy Commissioner 

Name : Asghar joyia
Designation : Deputy Commissioner 
Phone : 048-9230025-26
Email : dcosargodha@punjab.gov.pk.com
Address: Deputy Commissioner Office Sargodha, Commissioner Complex Sargodha


 8 Supreme Court of Pakistan

Constitution Avenue, G-5/2 Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone: +92 5192 20 581-600
Email: mail@supremecourt.gov.pk


Lahore High Court

Lahore, Pakistan

Telephone:    +92 42 99212951 – 66



10 Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Aiwan-i-Jamhoor, 107 Tipu Block, New Garden Town

Lahore 54600, Pakistan

Phone: +92 42 3586 4994, 3583 8341, 3586 5969

Fax:+92 42 3588 3582


Email: hrcp@hrcp-web.org