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February 05, 2024 - BY Admin

SHO Police Station Urban Area Afzal Guraiya on 4th February 2024 vissited Star Welfare Organization

SHO Police Station Urban Area Afzal Guraiya on 4th February 2024  (,  destitute, tortured and drug-addicted who came from Police Protection Center Nankana Sahib, Sargodha Police Protection Center and stayed in Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter Home). Spent time with these people. He said that my time spent with them  is very precious. I will always remember spending time with them and I will keep coming here. Allah gave you a chance to get rid of the curse of addiction. Be an example to parents. Because our DPO Sargodha, RPO Sargodha and IG Punjab say that we have to save lives at any cost, whether they are suffering from drugs or people who have come to us in any way, how can we help them? Have. I have been thinking for a long time that I should visit Hawa Shelter Home. When I came here, I had no idea that there were children, young people and old people and women too. What kind of people will be present here? I then asked all the people separately that they are happy here. How is your treatment going? Baba is taking care of us in every way, we are provided with food, clothing and all the things we need. We are being guided very well. Some said that we are reading Noorani Qaida and some said that we are making switches while staying here and then I was shown the switches made there. I looked at Baba Khitmatgar  Shatique Doger and said in front of him that you are a great person, an Edhi of our city who has spread his welfare net in the whole of Punjab and Islamabad including Sargodha and especially "You are a great man. Our prayers are with you. You have our policemen coming to you around the clock. They give different cases. I have found that you do them immediately. Our police protection." Sargodha center is working especially for people who are who are here give support to someone, cure someone, educate someone and give legal aid to someone. It is your courage to appeal to the people and I am very happy to come here and inshallah I will continue to come here again and I have been posted as SHO for the fourth time in Sargodha. Said that we are working in District Nankana Sahib, Khushab, Sheikhupura, Borewala, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Jhelum, so we are very happy. I would like to say that Edhi is not dead, Edhi is alive in one form or another and even today I have come to my Edhi, whose name is Khitmatgar Shafique Doger. If there is any kind of problem, you should tell us. He said that the elimination of drugs from the society is the responsibility of the public, including the police. "Wherever people see drugs being sold, immediately report to the police." Urban area police station is working day and night to eradicate drugs and in this regard the patrolling system has also been made effective. My doors are open to the public, in case of any problem, you can contact me directly, God willing, they will be dealt with. Finally, General Secretary Star Welfare Organization Ms. Rifat Rani presented the booklet and certificate of Star Welfare Organization to SHO Thana Urban Area. The servant thanked the SHO for visiting the institution and said that Allah did not make all human beings the same. A person who is very good himself is also a beacon for others.