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May 13, 2024 - BY Admin

Redo is providing unparalleled welfare services in Rawalpindi

Redo is providing unparalleled welfare services in Rawalpindi

Eye Hospital, Dialysis Center, Dental Clinic, Lithotripsy Center, General Medical Clinic are running in double shifts organized by Redo.

The heads of the institution, Haroon Al-Rashid and Riyaz Shah, are very noble people

Redo is a unique institution in Murree Road, Rawalpindi, which is an example for the special people and the underprivileged. From Shah Sahib, they are trying day and night to give sight to people who cannot see with their eyes. In today's time it is the biggest thing for him to give an eye to someone and then this work has been going on here for a long time and they are doing a great job for special people. Any person who comes here is operated whether they have money or not, besides they have branches in different cities and they are working day and night there too. It has provided its services to many lakhs of patients by setting up camps and through camps. The Social Welfare Department is registered with the Government of Punjab.

                                   This organization is also a role model for the Social Welfare Department. Retired officers of the Social Welfare Department also work closely with them. Is. People of Rawalpindi are lucky to have people like Radu and Haroon Al Rasheed. Whenever I have met him, I have seen him thinking for humanity and speaking only for humanity. Another institution of theirs is Chambeli, which is located in the commercial market of Rawalpindi. In addition to training special people, they are given school and therapy. People from different places bring their children and drop them there. They have also built vehicles there to bring special people from their homes to Chambeli. The biggest thing is that this organization distributes food in different places. They also get a lot of comfort in running the food anchor and feeding them. I myself saw that Mr. Haroon distributes food to people's homes and sends dry rations to their homes. He has a large number of families. who are entitled. Redo is a name in Rawalpindi, people themselves come here under your help and sympathize with them and provide them with funds.

                                                      There is a very big organization if you have any people around you who must come and get checked there. Their institution is right in front of Naz cinema near Murree Road and it is a very famous institution, you must come there and get the operation checked. Apart from this, there are other facilities which will be published in the next issue, God willing. You have to give to the servants of Allah for the pleasure of Allah. Here one servant's expenses are 10 thousand rupees and some 20 and some 5 thousand rupees. could Millions of people have already benefited from it. Today, it is not easy to do an operation for someone or to insert someone's lenses, but here this work is being done in two shifts. From which people come, get a token for their number and then sit and wait. There are doctor, lady doctor, staff, security guard, lab there along with Haroon sir. In the absence of Haroon, Riaz Shah, who is a retired officer from the Social Welfare Department. Here they work. I also pray for them that they had gifted me a frame, my frame was broken, so I was told the same thing. I went to Redo.  So Shah Sahib said that I have two frames which you like, you can take them. Donate as much as you can to Redo Harun Al Rasheed is the founder at this time for whom we pray.