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May 10, 2024 - BY Admin

Malik Wahid Age About 23-24 Years Sakna Iqbal Colony Sargodha

Malik Wahid Age About 23-24 Years Sakna Iqbal Colony Sargodha. Jazzy used to work at a burger joint and when he saw that he had started doing harm there and did not stop drinking, Ijaz alias Jazzy came to the institution and requested that his parents were not there and treated him. Jaye is a poor child so that he can do his hard work', the request was given to Star Welfare Organization President and Secretary, on which it was decided that he will be treated by the entire Star Welfare Organization and no compensation will be given.

                                                               The institute will pay for his medicine and whatever expenses he may incur. Today, Wahid al-Hamdullah, after four months of treatment, has resumed work on Jazzy Burger and he has prayed that I will continue to pray for the rest of my life, God willing, and still come to the institution to take medicine. Wahid, hashish and ice. was intoxicated, 'use of ice is ruining our youth', the addiction of ice has now reached even the streets, for this we have to make a joint policy, if our police arrest drug dealers, the courts They take their guarantees, nor is there any investigation as to who these people buy drugs from, there should be an inquiry for them. He steals and buys drugs and gets drugged for two days