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February 06, 2024 - BY Admin

Kashmir Solidarity Day was also celebrated on 5th February at Star Welfare Organization

Kashmir Solidarity Day was also celebrated on 5th February at Star Welfare Organization and various people spoke about their understanding of Kashmir. And said that Kashmir is only ours and we will also pray to Allah that until the freedom of Kashmir, our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, our institutions, our people are all praying for Kashmir, our lives are also sacrificed for Kashmir. He said that for many years, the government of Pakistan has been celebrating Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5. This time Kashmir is not being discussed due to election activities. 2019 India's special provisions of Kashmir included in its constitution, 370 and 35A, were unconstitutionally abolished by Hitler-style Narendra Modi and annexed Kashmir to India. Modi is a core member of the terrorist organization RSS. This terrorist organization was also banned during the British period. This organization has a manifesto of making India a strong Indian state by force of arms. Whereas India has been constitutionally a secular state since partition. The largest minority in India is the Muslims, whose number is more than 23 crores. Followers of Sikhism are in the number of three crores. Majority are Scheduled Castes of India. Minorities of Christianity and Buddhism are also present.Thus half of the population of Tobharat belongs to various minorities. How can a staunch Hindu state be established in such a country? But the main member of the terrorist organization, Modi, who was the chief minister of Gujarat, has oppressed the Muslim minority, which was banned by the then US president from coming to the US. Now becoming the Prime Minister of India, India is a  country of minorities living in different religions whose constitution is secular. They are following the agenda of creating a Hindu state by force. The Modi government continues to threaten Muslims to become second-class citizens and stay in India or leave India. By creating anti-minority laws and threatening the minorities, they are becoming or becoming Hindus under the program of repatriation. Indian Hindus are being settled in Occupied Kashmir. In this way, he is working to make the Muslim majority of Kashmir a Hindu state with a Hindu majority. Kashmiri protests against this move are made Asher Adeel Gul Vice President Star Welfare Organization said that every year on the occasion of India's Republic Day, black day and complete strike is observed in Occupied Kashmir. Every year these slogans are raised that we are Pakistanis, Pakistan is ours. Leave Indian Hindu soldiers occupying our state. We don't want to live with you by force. These are the things that are accepted internationally. The success of Quaid-e-Azam's peaceful and exciting movement of Pakistan and under the two-nation theory was accepted by the world and the people of India. Two major nations live in India, Hindus and Muslims. The British had acquired India from the Muslim Mughal rulers. The requirement of justice was that the British would hand over power to the Muslims when they left. Or the power should be transferred to two nations, Hindus and Muslims. The formula of two nationalities was accepted by the British government at that time. The Hindu leadership also accepted. Within India, the provinces where Hindus were in majority agreed to become India and the polities where Muslims were in majority agreed to become Pakistan. Ninety percent of the population in Kashmir at that time were Muslims, so under this international formula, Kashmir had to join Pakistan. But India did injustice by entering its troops in Kashmir and occupied it militarily. Rifat Rani, General Secretary of Star Welfare Organization, said that the Pakistan Army, the ex-servicemen of Kashmir and the tribals of Pakistan responded to end this occupation. Action taken. The local Mujahideen from Gilgit-Baltistan drove out the Raja's forces and Kashmir was occupied by the Pakistani army, retired Kashmiri soldiers and Pakistani tribesmen in what is now Azad Kashmir, 300 miles long and 30 miles wide. About to reach Srinagar, India's Prime Minister Nehru reached the United Nations and requested that the war be stopped. After peace is established, we will find out the free opinion of Kashmiris. They want to go with Pakistan, they want to stay with India. On this promise, the United Nations declared a ceasefire. But then and today, the insidious rulers of India continue to avoid making promises to the world, Kashmiris, Pakistan and the United Nations. To the Kashmiris  have been forcibly enslaved. In these circumstances, 5 February 2024 is being celebrated as Kashmir Solidarity Day in Kashmir, Pakistan and the world. Indian army has tried every cruelty. Kamran Ejaz Project Manager Star Welfare Organization (Punjab) has said that Kashmiris are facing every oppression. The rulers of Pakistan are currently fighting among themselves for the right to rule. Kashmiris are struggling to reconcile with Pakistan. Allah is with Kashmiris. If people of Ireland had the courage to get their rights after fighting for 100 years, Kashmiris are also ready to fight India for a long time. Kashmiris will continue to fight India till this time. They do not get their basic human rights, including full independence from India and the right to join Pakistan. Ghulam Muhammad Admin Star Welfare Organization has said that remember Kashmir can be free only under Jihad fi Sabilullah. Pakistani people. They should make Jamaat-e-Islami successful in this election. Jamaat-e-Islami has fielded 241 candidates for the National Assembly and 530 candidates for the Provincial Assemblies. People should make them successful, then our aorta will be connected to us and Pakistan will be complete (Inshallah).