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February 07, 2024 - BY Admin

How to Caste a Vote

In the lesson, you have to cast your vote, you have to leave the house, don't waste your vote, this election has come very hard, the elderly, special people, you have to take your family safely and eat and drink from your home. "You didn't go to the rush by changing your clothes" you have to take care of your riding and also take care of your police brothers "you have to take care of your army brothers" you have to take care of the polling agents and other election staff too 'You have to keep an eye on suspicious people around you' 'You have to protect your institutions yourself' You have to protect your family yourself 'You don't carry any kind of weapons with you' You already have weapons You have to submit the policemen and go 'You have to avoid all kinds of fights' You have to vote for your favorite candidates 'You have to make the slip from home and take it with you' You have to send a message to 8300 and make your own slip Find the polling booth by yourself and then you go there, your vote may be scattered' you have cast your vote and you have to remember the election symbol of your favorite candidate' it is your responsibility that you have You have to see if there is any vote left in our house, if it has not been cast. "This vote will change the destiny of Pakistan" It will strengthen our institutions "This vote is our national duty" We have to pay it at all costs "You don't think about the weather you In any case, you must go to cast your vote. "Don't think that we have to walk." Don't think that it's raining. "Don't think that the way is difficult." A special message to the public from President Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter Home.