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April 04, 2024 - BY Admin

Fed up with the domestic situation, Iqra Tawfiq Hawa reached the shelter home

Subject: Urgent Appeal for Financial Support and Medical Treatment for Parents of Divorced Girl

Introduction of SWO

Star Welfare Organization (Punjab) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization came into existence on Feb 04, 2006 & voluntary Registered under Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance1961DOSO (SGD) 2006-66 on 4 feb 2006. at district level Sargodha. Since 2011 SWO has expanded its services in the entire length and breadth of Punjab.

                     The organization is concerned promotion of a culture of peace with matters relating to gender based violence and discrimination; women rights and development; child rights, eunuchs’ rights, beggars ‘rehabilitation, disable persons, women’s shelters, police torture and missing persons. This organization strongly committed towards women human rights, women sustainable social, economic development and consistent just ice within society. 


Chief Minister of Punjab


I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to you with an urgent appeal on behalf of a family in dire need of financial assistance and medical support. The family consists of the parents of a young girl who has recently gone through a divorce. This difficult situation has left the family struggling to make ends meet and to afford necessary medical treatment for the parents, who are facing health challenges.

The parents have devoted their lives to supporting their daughter and ensuring her well-being. However, the divorce has placed a significant financial strain on the family, making it difficult for them to afford basic necessities, let alone the medical care they urgently require.

We are reaching out to compassionate individuals and organizations in the community to request financial support for this family. Your generosity can make a meaningful difference in their lives, providing them with the means to access essential medical treatment and alleviate their financial burden during this challenging time.

Any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and will directly impact the well-being of this family. Your support can help restore hope and dignity to these parents who have selflessly cared for their daughter and now find themselves in need of assistance.

Case Details 


Fed up with the domestic situation, Iqra Tawfiq Hawa reached the shelter home

Both my parents are ill, there is a brother who works in a spare parts shop, the house is not able to make ends meet.

My husband used to beat me, from whom I am divorced.

After divorce, I returned to my home country, but due to poverty, I went to Islamabad, where I kept wandering around.

I appeal to the Chief Minister of Punjab Mrs. Maryam Nawaz to get my father and my mother treated' Iqra Rafiq.

                                         My name is Iqra Tawfiq, I am 24 years old, we are four siblings, my father is a rickshaw driver and he has no job at all. It is rented. It has become difficult to survive and even the electricity bills cannot be paid on time. We are very worried. I was married on 19th March 2021. My husband was not behaving well with me. "I have a son whose date of birth is March 5, 2022." They used to take away my son from me. Fed up with their persecution, I divorced my husband. "Not even my ID card." Due to some other problems, my younger sister's name could not be registered in NADRA. When I went to register her name, they ask for a lot of money and it is very difficult to pay, so my younger sister's name was also registered. No, and I don't have my son's birth certificate, that too is with his father. We are very worried. A better business should be arranged for my father and the problem of the house should also be resolved. If possible, some kind of arrangement should be made for my brother as well. My mother is very sick and has muscle problems. It has become difficult to get her treated, so treatment should be arranged for her as well. ,I got a divorce, my husband did not even pay the expenses of the child, I have been sitting in my father's house for two years, my father also has a headache, he drives a rickshaw. They can't get hurt.

                                There is no one to earn money in the house. Brother goes to work for spare parts and they don't pay much. That's why our system is not working 'The house is also for rent' There are many people who eat the house by paying the rent 'My mother should be fully treated and my father should also be treated' because of these conditions. I had left my mother and father's house, I felt that I was a burden on them, but no matter how poor parents are, daughters are not a burden on them. told G-9 Edhi Center "I went to Edhi Center Islamabad and I spent one night there" there are more mental people there and I started fearing them. The man told Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter Home shelter "They also gave me their number, I called their number" I said that I have matric education "I want to get a job and get a shelter as well." Yes, my child is with me, I don't want to be a burden on my parents and brother, their situation is not good, so they said that you will go to our shelter in Rawalpindi or Islamabad.


                      I said that in another city. If not, those who told me researched on the internet. "The address of Hawa Shelter Sargodha came up." From Faizabad, I sat in the car of Faisal Movers and went to Sargodha by taking a rickshaw and reached this address. I told the Rani all about my situation and then I had a meeting with Madam Sobia Asif and the servant Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar and told them that this girl needs a shelter as well as a job. If yes, please adjust it somewhere. The problem was that I did not have an ID card. My husband did not make my ID card even when I was at my parents' house, on which the institution said that it is very important to have an ID card with your job. I will make it. I have no money. The institution gave me five thousand five hundred rupees and made me talk to my family members. My family members were very worried and were looking for me. My brother from my family members came here to Sargodha with him. He also had a friend, he is also like my brothers, he negotiated with me in the presence of Mrs. Rifat Rani and in the presence of servant Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar, and I went with him to Rawalpindi. My mother was very upset because of me.   


                                I was very tense and sick. I stayed there for 4 days. I went to them and told them all about the institution. I have found a shelter there and I have also got a job. I will solve my problems by staying there. I will not be a burden on you. I want to be educated by the institutions and I will learn something from there and I want to stand on my own feet which my mother and father and brother happily allowed me to come here again. Such institutions should be for women when I am at home. I had no idea where I should go, may God bless the woman who took out the address of Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter Home shelter from the internet and also gave me the telephone number. I want to give a message to women that people are very cruel to leave home, you have to protect yourself. I thought for service. I also wanted to get some service work. I am working as a caretaker. I will learn education and skills as well. I appeal to the institution to treat my mother and father and also provide financial assistance to us. My younger sisters, brothers, mother and father are very worried, our voice should be taken to the higher authorities. Chief Minister of Punjab is also a woman and she can understand the pain of a woman, I want to appeal to her too.


Thank you for considering this urgent appeal.


Warm regards,

M. Shafique Doger 

President of Star Welfare Org.


This Letter Sent to

 1 : Chief Minister of Punjab

Maryam Nawaz Sharif

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