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May 14, 2024 - BY Admin

Drug addict of a brother of police officer is reside star drug addict

Nadeem Shah is a resident of Chak 48 North, his wife is employed in the police and he has two brothers, one Nadeem Shah and one elder brother, both of them are drug addicts. An officer kindly told his sister to admit him to the Star  Drug Rehabilitation Center where he would stay and recover. Nadeem Shah is also a disabled person, both his parents have died. Nadeem Shah was found suffering from all kinds of intoxication.

                                                                          Nadeem Shah was applied to Star Welfare Organization through Police Protection Center Sargodha. Police Protection Center Sargodha arrested Nadeem Shah and handed him over to Star Drug Rehabilitation  Center and started his treatment.  and it is revealed that he is also disabled in one hand and his company is very wrong, he hangs out with gangsters, extortionists and drug dealers. He benefited greatly from being disabled. Here he told his stories to other patients in the institution. His father's name is Muhammad Yameen Shah and his treatment continued. After four months, the man escaped from the institution by fraud and ran away to his cousin. The agency immediately informed the Police Protection Center and his sister about his escape. This man is also involved in intoxicating others and his actions in life are not good. The institution noted all these things and told it to his sister as soon as the institution gave the sister a monthly report. My elder brother is also totally addicted to drugs.