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February 07, 2024 - BY Admin

Drug Addicts Muhammad Irfan reside in Star Welfare Organization for Traatment

Muhammad Irfan is a resident of Tariqabad and is addicted to various drugs and has made drugs a part of his life for many years. "The first harm he does is to himself, because he forgets all relationships and the rights of his neighbors when he gets drunk. He does not know who is standing in front of me." When his brother-in-law came to us. And he came and said that Irfan is in a state that he has set the house on fire. When I and my team reached there, when we saw the scene, he had set fire to his belongings inside and the belongings were scattered. "Bricks were lying outside" such an atmosphere was created there was fear and there was a fire. I begged him to save his life for the sake of God. Saving life is God's job, our job is to try. We are trying. We have brought him to us on 4th February 2024. Me and my team are trying to save his life by treating him completely. A man is very forced when he asks someone to take him even if they are his blood relation. With the prayers of all friends, God willing, they will try to save his life so that he can become a better person and take care of himself, his siblings, and his neighbors. Today they are very constrained, tomorrow maybe they will be proud of their improvement and give prayers to our organization Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter home. Addiction is a scourge that should be ended in any case. Our police also make many cases to end them, but selfish people have imagined to become millionaires overnight by selling it. Those greedy people are also present in this world. You know that these people don't think that wealth comes to us, but the lights of many houses go out, now this addiction has come to women and youth too. Which is in front of all of us, what should we do? I appeal to you that wherever there are drug dealers, you should identify them for the sake of Allah. Bring them to us, we will try to get them fully treated, we have a whole team, we also do full counseling and try to make them recover, many of our cases have been successful, Alhamdulillah. Drug cases are sent to us from central Sargodha and other districts and we have complete records. We are proud that a patient from Sargodha appeared before IG Punjab Police who told the media that he was treated by Star Welfare Organization. Hawa is in Shelter Home' We are proud that when the in-charge of Protection Center Sargodha also interviewed her. We are grateful to Allah Almighty that we were able to save someone's life and God willing, with your prayers, this will continue. Our doors are open 24 hours for them, whether they are elderly, whether they are women, whether they are drug addicts, our doors are always open, we are working for them for the sake of Allah Ta'ala. This is a small story of Irfan. If there are such people around you, contact our helpline 0300-9607123, New Abadi Kot Farid Street No. 2, Sargodha. Pray for President Star Welfare Organization Hawa Shelter Home should be informed immediately.