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April 08, 2024 - BY Admin

CEO Cholistan Herbal Aspghul Chhalka Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh Director Green

CEO Cholistan Herbal Aspghul Chhalka Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh Director Green Agro Farm Islamabad Visitor from Star Welfare Organization office.

 Iman Shafiq, minister Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar presented flowers and talked about the organization in detail with him.

Star Welfare Organization has taken a 4 kanal plot in Green Agro Farm on which a center for destitutes will be built.

Cholistan Herbal Spaghul Peel is our product which can be used to maintain one's health by Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh.

Today I feel very happy to come to the office of Star Welfare and meet Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar, Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh.

CEO Cholistan Herbal Aspgol Chhalka Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh Director Green Agro Farm Islamabad arrival of the guest in the office of Star Welfare Organization. To whom especially Iman Shafiq' Khitmatgar Baba Mohammad Shafiq Dogar presented flowers and discussed with him in detail about the organization because when we sent the 4 Kanal Islamabad Green Agro Farm allotment letter then we also I did not meet him, just seeing his personality, I took this plot of 4 kanals from him. I told him that I want to establish the office of Star Welfare Organization on this plot as well as a shelter home here. Come into action and here Hospital, Vocational Center, Star Welfare free food should be given here and work on various projects of Star Welfare, on which Alhamdulillah work is going on and we have given them the installation minutes of the regular plot. This was our first meeting with him after taking the plot. The plot was taken for the destitute on Allah's account and this trust was taken only on the basis of his personality and his communication and the presence of his ancestors.' Green Agro Farm I still have a lot of real estate 'if anyone wants to buy from there they can buy from them' we have received a 4 kanal plot from them for our organization. If any friends want to shop in this farmhouse, they can visit and shop. We have taken the plot, I appeal to the benefactors to support us in this. It is going to be a roof for the destitute. Under this roof, the destitute will have everything they need, for example, a school, a shelter. 'Hospital too' Vocational Center too and food too' You support us in this project' Today in the special group I saw that they were coming here, I said that there should be a meeting, so thank you very much for giving the time to meet us. People are busy with their own work, they cannot give time, but today they gave time, they came to Sargodha, they also met their relatives and friends, they told that Sargodha is my own city, when your phone calls from Sargodha. I used to see your work on social media that you are doing for humanity and I was very happy when you chose us in our green agro farm. I told our CEO Atif Aziz. I know Babaji personally and I want to make an agreement with him which he was happy about and he said that God willing our cooperation will also be with this organization and we will have him at the corner in the start at the main place. They will be given a 4-kanal project at a very good location so that they can work for humanity here and we can also get the reward for it. We wanted such an organization to become an NGO in our green agro farm that works for humanity. Safiullah said that I know Babaji personally, I know his organization. And today I came here for a special meeting, so firstly, I want to thank you for choosing me there. Second CEO, I fully appreciate your organization I informed about the project and I said that this is Babaji who is supporting these people by asking one rupee in the name of Allah. He is also Edhi of our city and Pakistan. Trust me, I want them to be well placed. Baba Shafique Dogar then showed them the awards and certificates which have been received by Star Welfare and then made them visit the operation theater. If you tell us a little about the way in which you are giving plots in the green agro farm at very low cost to the people, Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh said that you will get off at Chakri Interchange on your way from Sargodha. Now there is a single road, the link road is being built. The link road is only 3 to 4 kilometers away from us. When the link road is completed, it will be half an hour's journey to Islamabad. After coming down from Chakri, the road is still single, but as soon as the link road is completed, this road will also be completed. There are all kinds of facilities here and this road goes to DHA 3 and then goes to Kienchiji Road. And 45 minutes away from our place is Faizabad which you have to travel there. People living here can easily travel on GT Road and Motorway if they want to go to Peshawar then by Motorway. Motorway is easily 10 kilometers away and if they want to go to Rawalpindi Islamabad then they can still go to Murree, Kahota, DHA, Bahria Town by the link road, the road to Bahria town is very close to this farm house. This place belongs to us and its registry has been passed, there is no fraud in it, now inshallah after Eid the development work will start there and we will give you its possession within two years inshallah. So you can start building an institution there. We want you to work together, on which Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar said that this Star Welfare Organization is your own organization and I will be very happy if you become an official in this organization along with us. Muhammad Safiullah Kamboh thanked Baba Muhammad Shafiq Dogar for this And said why not? We will run this institution, God willing, we have also started telling many people about it. Anyone who comes to buy a plot, we will definitely do your plot so that everyone can know that there is a plot here. A welfare institution is also going to be created. In the coming time people will remember that we got such cheap plots here and in the future its price will increase a lot. I have been where I have worked in different places and the purpose of life is to serve people in a good and better way. Take care so that people can benefit. I am the CEO Cholistan Herbal Spaghul Peel is a self-made recipe given by my elders. I would like people to order it and use it when You will surely benefit from it and you will remember that someone has really created a sponge peel that is unique. People can get it at their doorstep and it is everything if a person is healthy. I am giving this gift to you too, Baba ji, and you can use it whenever you need it, God willing, it will reach you and I will pay for it myself.