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February 04, 2024 - BY Admin

Blind person appeal for education

My name is Muhammad Abbas 'I live in a tent at a small village in Khushab' I am born fully blind 'My father owns a small animal business and does hard labor' Is it my fault? That I was born blind' I was not given any education at first and if I wanted to study and become capable, a teacher admitted me to the Iqbal Colony Blind School. I continued to study there. They said that you are with us in class 4. Unknowingly, the teacher there did not like what I said. He told the principal, who is a very good person, about me. Dad' can take it from my neighborhood' there is nothing wrong with me that I am being sent there because you can't stay here in the hostel. I also wrote an application to DEO Sargodha but no one responded to me. I went to different places for education. Surahs are also memorized and more so I want to memorize the Holy Quran and I also want to study in school so that I can become a good person by becoming educated and make my country famous by working in some institution of Pakistan. "I met the President of Star Welfare Organization,. "We had matches here. During the match, he accommodated the entire team. They reached there. There was an issue of some blind people who were doing blind jobs were fired from Daily Wages. What is our fault that we are blind? Yes, we should support, but the system is standing like this, no one is ready to provide any kind of support. I came to them today; they are very kind. When the servant went to the school, what was the conversation with the principal and the teacher, they did not tell me anything. He didn't tell me anything, he just told me that son, you want to study, so I said yes, I want to study. Come, I will find more children like you who are old and want to get an education or learn a skill. So that you will not be in need of anyone and God willing, after your education and skills, I will also get you a job from the same system. Aa Gayi, "What has become of our institution of the blind, I was not spoken to so lovingly." Mand promised to make a good citizen and said that all the expenses will be borne by our star welfare organization, you just have to study hard and learn work too. Good teachers will be hired for you. I would like to make an appeal to all my friends that wherever there are blind children or children with special needs who have any difficulties, they want to get education. can contact