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May 14, 2024 - BY Admin

A drug addict try to sucide

Anonymous (His name is being kept confidential due to some reasons) who is a resident of Bhalwal 'His father and brother are gentleman' met him he requested to DPO Sargodha that our child Intoxicated and harassing us a lot' the DPO encouraged him and referred him to Police Protection Center Sargodha and asked him to be handed over to Star Welfare Organization. He came to the institution, all the tests were done, after the tests he was counselled, and it was very mentally and mentally his condition.

                                                             Then he also tried to commit suicide. His father said that he tried to commit suicide and harm there many times as well. But because of his friendship, he is not able to quit this addiction. After keeping him for a month, the institution gave his report to Police Protection Center Sargodha to refer him to Lahore Mental Hospital from here or hand him over to his family. On the information of which his father and brother came to us, all his position was put before them, on which it was decided that we will get him treated in Lahore. We did what we could in a month. . But his father and brother were satisfied to keep him with us, if he had stayed here for 6 months, God willing, he could have been fine, but after seeing the situation, his brothers decided to send him to Lahore for a month. Later he was handed over to his brother and information was given to Police Protection Center Sargodha.