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May 14, 2024 - BY Admin

A drug addict sold his a lot of land to fullfill his derises of addiction

Hamad Khaliq, son of Allah Dad Chak, 35, a resident of North Sargodha whose story was narrated by his nephew Nasir. Nasir is doing duty as a driver in Punjab Police Station Urban Area. He often came to the office of the Star Welfare Organization in connection with cases. He said that I have uncles who do drugs. And now it's mental too 'Chuck attacks people and he's sold a lot of his land to get drunk and his family has been very troubled for a long time' He has 6 sisters and He has another brother who is also addicted to drugs. This addiction is a curse that enters the house and destroys the peace of the house. An addict doesn't think it's my wife, my children, my siblings, my parents, he only cares about his world and he has to live his life and even think about it.

                                                    They go and sell their parents' property. And they even sell the running business, this is the thought of Muhammad Khaliq, when he was counseled in the institution, he was handed over to Star Welfare Organization, Star Turk Addiction Center, Hawa Shelter Home. So in between his counselling, all these things he told himself 'Still abuses and misbehaves in the institution' He is undergoing treatment' He has been here for 3 months and some changes have started but the institution has given him Advised K Bhanje that he should be shifted to Lahore Mental Hospital, our job is to tell him because there are very good doctors there and the government also has full attention or he should be referred to Fountain House Sargodha.