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Board of Trustees


     Chairman     Ch. Tariq Mehmood 


President  Muhammad ShafiqueI have been working in various fields of welfare of humanity for 37 years. In 2006, Star Welfare Organization was registered from Social Welfare Department. From 2006 to 2011, its scope was up to district level, then from 2011, its scope was Punjab. Raised to the level NOC of Islamabad got to work Partnered with UNHCR Worked with Aurat Foundation, Isha Foundation, Insan Foundation, Siddhar in USAID project in 2013 IHRC is working on torture with the Guangzhou Human Rights Peace Foundation and worked on a project with the German Embassy in 2016. Registered 5 times as Chairman of District Coordination Council in Sargodha, performed my services in Sargodha, created the first electronic media club in Sargodha under my leadership, in addition, I have been the president of Sargodha Furniture Market, Iqbal Colony. My business is marriage furniture, office furniture, Building furniture and all types of maintenance I am working and devoting all my income to this institution


 First Vice President Javed Iqbal During his degree, He successfully combined his studies
with work and other commitments showing himself to be
self-motivated, organized and capable of working under
pressure. H e h old m aster degre e in in Busin ess
Administration and Master in Gender and women studies.
Now He extending his education in Bachelor of Laws. He
emerged as a visionary person showing excellence in
arena of de velopment, media, manageme nt, a nd
leadership and a p assionate change maker who believe s i n connectin g
people from gross root level and global to advance human rights for all. He is
a learner and having sound background of more than ten years substantia l
experience of working with government and nongovernme nt organizatio n,
including electronic and print media helping them interface with communities
through c ommunity m obilization training. He has professiona l experienc e
with the fiel d of ad ministration, finance, projec t manageme nt, so cial
mobilization, community development, direct public relations, news & current
affairs J ournalist and senio r edit or in differ ent n ews televi sion s and
newspapers. He love to serve his services for humanitarian. He is honored to
work cl osely w ith inspiring leaders and great colleagues t o mak e positiv e
change, to promote equality, dignity & peace


General Secretary Star Welfare Organization Rifaat Rani


To obtain a challenging position in a dynamic organization, where I will get opportunity to show my capabilities and acquire useful experience thus contributing towards the prosperity of my organization and my country.

KEY SKILLS    Basic Programmes: Windows XP OS (95+), Microsoft Office, (Word, Excel, etc),Specific Software:      Uled Video Studio, Swish Mix, Auto Cade, Adobe photo shop, Inpage, Coral Draw, Flash

Languages:   Urdu, Panjabi &English


2006-Pres:  BEURO CHIEF, Rohi T.V, Rohi Entertainment Company Pv.t, Ltd,

News, sports, business, education, healthcare, lifestyle, travel)

2000-Pres:  DEPUTY EDITOR,Weekly Star Welfare NewspaperStill

Concise a long news report,

2011-Pres:  GENERAL SECRATRY Star welfare OrganizationPunjab, Still

Team Leadership, Research, Data Analysis, Team Organization, Communication.

2008-Pres:  IN-CHARGE,Hawa Shelter Home, Still

Manage & provide; Shelter Home emergency shelter, medical, legal and paralegal aid, psychological counseling, rehabilitation services to the victimized women & their children.

2009-Pres   Member, HRCP& EMC,

Completion of assignments of HRCP & EMC

Note: I have Camera (HD Panasonic)  I have Scanner of banq

2013-2014  PROJECT COORDINATO Urat Foundation Gender Equity Program (GEP)

Team leadership

Reports writing and verification

Project management


9.       Scope Of Judicial Review In Arbitration

10.   Persecution Of Ahmediya Minority Community

11.  Forced Marriage And Conversion Stem From Institutionalized Intolerance

12.  Dictatorship In The Garb Of Democracy

13.  Is there Hope For Victims In This Criminal Justice System?

14.  Jails – Reformatory Institutions Or Factories Producing Hardened Criminals?

15.  Not The Country The Founding Father Envisage

16.  Mob Justice Is A Symptom Of The Degeneration Of The Rule Of Law

B.     Torture Magazine: A monthly magazine published under the auspice of DIGNITY a Danish ministry of interior initiate to highlight global human rights issues

1.      Half Fry Full Fry – A New Torture Technique Used By Pakistani Police

2.    How the judiciary has institutionalized curbs on free speech

3.    A deafening silence on anti-torture day

C.   Article 2: A biannual journal published by Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)Hong Kong

1.      Pretexts on curbing free speech: terrorism, extremism and blasphemy

2.      Comments on the prevention of electronic crime bill (PECA)

3.      Judicial outcomes, precedents on free speech

D.     Humanrights.asia: AHRC’s website

1. Tears start falling as schools reopen

2. State response to counter insurgency is failing

3. Patriarchal culture amongst the lawyers reaches alarming level

4. Women friendly laws are a start to turn the tide

E.     The Express Tribune

1.      Dictatorship in the garb of democracy

2.      Gender bias in the criminal justice system

F.      Sri lanka Guardian

1.      The ‘Mob Justice’ in Asia

2.      Prisons, reformatory institutions or factories producing hardened criminals?


G.    Counter current.org-

       A Boot Stamping On A Human Face –Forever


Research paper/ working Papers

1.A research paper on illegal Jirga system and its repercussions on the criminal justice system done for PJN

    Finance Secretary Zahid Hussain

Information SecretaryM. KhalelTayeeb

Executive Member Muhammad Bilal Rashad

Chairman Star Mohammadi Agosh Mirza Fiaz Ahmed

Star Welfare Muhammadi Orphanage
Street 3 Ghori Garden Islamabad
81 A New Model Town Borewala.
91 W Housing Society Chichawatni
Registered under Star Welfare Organization

   Executive Member Saima Atif
She is serving as a sewing teacher in Star Welfare Organization and actively participates in welfare work. The organization can never forget her    services.