NGOs have been constantly working day-in and day-out to solve various problems concerning women, human rights, children, senior citizens, beggars and eunuch’s  etc. who have truly worked in the best possible manner after taking up a particular cause. Followings are the objectives of the organization.

v  Promotion and protection of human rights are among the priority policy objectives of star welfare organization.

v  To enhancing equity by expanding women’s access to justice and women’s human rights. Also women empowered through delivery of services at all level.

v  To investigate and expose human rights violations that will prevent the violence and promote justice for women and children.

v  To Creating awareness and sensitization of gender issues at community level through advocacy, conduct seminars/ conferences and dramatic theatres.

v  To provide a central point (Helpline & helpdesk) for GBV/VAW that provides referral access to rehabilitation and justice.

v  To protect children from abuse & neglect and ensure their rights for equal care and education.

v  Sustainable socioeconomic development and educate to poor, needy and orphan children, youth and women through curriculum and extra curriculum activities that contribute to development and social change.

v  To provide a point for Beggars and Eunuch’s for rehabilitation.

v  Agency staff provides counseling, safety planning, women and children’s groups, legal and court support, referrals, and information and education about violence against women & girls.

v  To provide judicial, social and psychological support for women exposed to violence.

v  We believe on social, political and economic equity for women.


  • About Us

    To bring about positive and lasting change in the society by provisions of services that combat violence against women, promotes women economic, social and cultural empowerment and consistent justice within society.

  • Our Address

    • Street No. 2,(Masjid ahle hadith Street) Nai abadi kot farid, Sargodha, Pakistan
    • Mobile: +923009607123
    • Phone Line: +9248 3717220
    • Email: info@starwelfare.org