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Hawa Shelter Home is an umbrella frame work of Star Welfare Organization for women’s rights & access to social inclusion, that is located in street # 2 new abadi kot fareed city Sargodha, Punjab. The 3-story facility includes, housing up to 70 women and children. It is one of the few facilities in Seattle that accepts women with male children up to age 18, because we have to manage a separate department that is Star Child Care Center (SCCC) for the facilitation of male children up to age of 12 to 20. This shelter is designed to create an enabling environment to develop and demonstrate a system which leads to full rehabilitation and self-fulfillment of survivors of Gender Based Violence(GBV) that provides shelter and support services to women and their children, who are homeless for any of the following reasons:
  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Financial Hardship
  • Eviction
  • Family Problems
  • Loss of Employment
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The mission of Hawa Shelter Home is to assist women and their children in crisis by providing a safe, temporary home, support services, and hope through empowerment, resulting in self-sufficient clients who return to the community; and to help break the cycle of domestic violence and homelessness.
The specific objective is to address violence against women and girls in a holistic way, in particular through social and economic empowerment of women.
Given the demand for long-term care, Hawa Shelter Home provides emergency shelter for women and women with children on a short-term basis. Shelter is well-equipped to deal with immediate needs of women in distress and provide them the necessary medical care, physical, psychological, legal and emotional needs of the GBV survivors seeking temporary shelter.Hawa shelter home is a comprehensive wellness based program aimed at providing much more than just shelter to its clients, We offers the following services:
Emergency Care/Services
  • If you or someone you know needs shelter or information, please call+92483-717220, SMS +92314-3301823 & .SAFE
  • Emergency shelter for women and children
  • Living accommodations and meals for up to 70 women and children
  • Clothing, personal care and hygiene items
  • Formal and informal education to women & children.
  • Public school enrollment for children 5 and over
  • After school tutoring program for school age children
  • Professional counseling (Psycho-social & legal counseling)
  • Individual case management
  • The economic rehabilitation and capacity building program will be established into account the long term needs of GBV and equip them with the required skill sets to reintegrate into society in a successful manner and become economically self-sufficient.
  • Religious support groups and classes
  • Social Inclusion and follow up.
A shelter to cater for overcoming the situation in terms of gender based violence and access to justice, mobility, socio cultural and human rights, In order to get women issue safeguarded. The formal and informal education is available to all women and children who reside at the shelter. This computer lab, with 8 workstations, beauty-pallor, stitching home, a set of first hand skilled, teaches basic office skills and enables our women to earn their livelihood and acquire other career skills, to become better prepared to support themselves or their family, while maintaining stability and their spiritual walk.
Agency staff provides counseling, safety planning, women and children’s groups, legal and court support, referrals, economic rehabilitation, and information and education about violence against women and girls. So that women are fully empowerment and equipped with required skills for successful re-integration into the society.

Hawa Shelter Home’s services rely on community support, individual and business contributions, and funding from public agencies and private foundations to maintain and enhance its services.



  • About Us

    To bring about positive and lasting change in the society by provisions of services that combat violence against women, promotes women economic, social and cultural empowerment and consistent justice within society.

  • Our Address

    • Street No. 2,(Masjid ahle hadith Street) Nai abadi kot farid, Sargodha, Pakistan
    • Mobile: +923009607123
    • Phone Line: +9248 3717220
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