Star Child Care

 Star Child Care:

When kids are hurting, we help them heal. When kids need a safe place to call "home," we find them loving families.

We create brighter futures for kids, for families, for communities.

Kids need us. They need you. Together, we'll make an even bigger difference.

Star Welfare Organization has been maintained a 10-bed shelter for children. The main purpose for establish child care centre was to facilitate Child sexual abuse,  Missing child, Early age marriage, Child labour, Sale and trafficking, Street children, disable child, Torture, poor & Minorities. Also the 2nd and main reason for establish child care centre to facilitation women who have left abusive relationships with their children and an off-site location like Hawa Shelter Home for women and children separately in the community who are seeking support, So we are unable to reside children with their mothers at women’s shelter who have the age up to 8 to 16 years old. Because the children have in grooming age and they are getting negative impact on their lives from other women.

The organization is committed to providing quality programs and services to babies and children.

  • Better quality of furniture
  • Safe drinking water, quality food, basic commodities
  • Children friendly space with recreational facilities such as fitness machines T.V, DVD, toys, sports item, learning material for children and other suitable accessories. 
  • Clothing, shoes & daily commodities for children.
  • Personal hygiene items such as clean premises, spray for mosquito, health & hygiene facilities and 1 full time sweeper also provision for keeping clean house.
  • Security Cameras, Security alarm system, UPS, and complete security system like security guards

Day Care Centre:

The prime objective of the SWO is to meet the growing demands for crèches and to provide day care facilities to the working women and thereby enhance their participation in economic activities.

The SWO enhance employment opportunities for women, one of the best and proven ways out for facilitating working mothers to balance work and family lives is the establishment of day care centre at work places where women workers could leave their children and check/feed them after some intervals. The day care centre would facilitate working women particularly that in informal sector to better concentrate on their jobs and have a relief from their reproductive responsibilities at their working time. 


  • About Us

    To bring about positive and lasting change in the society by provisions of services that combat violence against women, promotes women economic, social and cultural empowerment and consistent justice within society.

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    • Street No. 2,(Masjid ahle hadith Street) Nai abadi kot farid, Sargodha, Pakistan
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